Brun and Michael hired me because they were selling their house. They needed pictures to show the big spaces and the beautiful windows this house has.
When they presented me this project I noticed that they were not happy about leaving this place, they told me stories and anecdotes that took place here and how much fun they had here. Therefore, I decided to add a personal touch to this project, I focused on the details, their decoration and their personal belongings and I tried to give them something to remember about this house.
They were so happy with the outcome that when they saw the pictures, they asked me to design a photobook. Check it here!
Wir danken Iñaki Esnaola für seinen ganz persönlichen Blick auf unser Leben und für die Gestaltung einer weiteren schönen Erinnerung an einen besonderen Abschnitt unseres Lebens. - Dr. Mietzner
We would like to thank Iñaki Esnaola for his very personal view of our life and for creating another beautiful memory of a special period in our life. - Dr. Mietzner 

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