When it comes to filmmaking, I always look for the newest trends and think about how I can apply them to my projects. In general, I film and edit my own material. I believe that this gives me a certain advantage because I plan my shootings thinking about the post-production and I make these departments work together.
Back in Buenos Aires, I studied filmmaking and creative advertisement. I am proficient with Adobe Premiere, basic sound edition, and color correction.
I always adapt my projects to the platforms that they are intended, and before I start working I always do thorough research on the latest trends in the business.
Adam Goldstein - Galería La Cometa
Adam is an abstract artist who has his studio in Berlin. He is Colombian, but trained in Israel, Brazil, and other parts of the world.
This video intends to show how he works in his studio, what are his techniques, what inspires him, and what moves him.
Recently, he was called to exhibit at "Galería La Cometa", so we decided to make this video.
La Cometa is an art gallery based in Bogotá, Medellín and Madrid. The gallery is a plural space whose management focused on the representation, promotion and diffusion of Colombian and Latin American artists has consolidated it as one of the most important artistic platforms in Colombia.
Chipi Chipi Bombón
This is a selection of videos I did for Chipi Chipi Bombón, a Berlin-based ice cream shop.
I worked for 4 months for this shop, I created a stock of images and videos intended to promote the venue through social media. 
The first video is a stop-motion video showing the mix of spices used to prepare the Spekulatius flavor.
The second video Is the making off of Ananas & Petersilie ice cream.
The third video is a creative spot shot at home to promote the delivery service that the venue offers. For this video, I prepared the script, directed the actors, filmed, edited, and I did the sound edition and color correction.
Shibari study
This is a teaser that I edited for Shibari Study, a company dedicated to make high quality rope education available and affordable to anyone interested in learning the art of Shibari.
For this teaser I received the audiovisual content from the client and I did the edition including basic color correction.

Shiori joyas
The following are two videos I did for "Shiori Joyas". Silvia, the owner isa hand-made jewelry producer based in Andorra.  Since we met we started working together, we did videos and pictures to promote her business.
For these videos, I planned and organized the shooting at her studio and at the "Carmen Thyssen" museum where she exposes and sells her jewelry. I also did the edition and color correction.
lovely day
"Lovely day" is a video we made in collaboration with Kevin "Mex" Pino, a professional snowboarder. The shooting was planned to be broadcasted together with a freestyle competition in Andorra through "Gravedad Zero", an ESPN show dedicated to extreme sports. Unfortunately, due to the beginning of the pandemic, the competition had to be canceled and the broadcast as well.
Nevertheless, ESPN did their own edition and our work was shown in a different way.
"Lovely day" is my own edit of the material we shot for the TV show.
Eik Octobre
Eik Octobre is a danish composer that I had the pleasure to meet in Copenhagen. Together we did two video clips of his most popular songs.
In these video clips, I did a camera-on-hand technique, and we did them in only one shot. I also did the edition and color correction.
juice lab - cloud gallery
This is a video I did for Juice Lab - Cloud gallery located in Amsterdam. During the day, you'll find a beautiful café, very cozy, with homemade products and a huge selection of natural juices. And during the night, the store changes to this beautiful art gallery where I had the pleasure to capture Jurre Blom and Julius Stibbe's art opening.
I did the shooting, edition and color correction.
Lincoln - Kitchen & Bar
The following clips are a selection of videos I did for "Lincoln - Kitchen & Bar". A restaurant located in the heart of Buenos Aires. I was hired by "DPM", a marketing and communication agency, to create videos to present their new line of dishes and cocktails.
For these videos I did the shooting, edition and color correction.
Thank you!
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